SIEDS '09 Author's Kit APRIL 24, 2009
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Paper Preparation and Formatting

All papers are submitted electronically through the PaperCept conference Manuscript Management System. Final submissions, no more than six pages in length, must be received by April 6, 2009. Papers must be submitted camera ready and in PDF format. No other file formats will be accepted nor will hardcopy versions.

Submitted papers will be electronically checked at time of submission to ensure that they meet all formatting guidelines. To help ensure a smooth paper submission process, detailed instructions have been created for both Microsoft Word and LaTeX users. Document templates and sample papers demonstrating their use are also available. Maximum paper length is 6 pages!

Common errors:

  • Text should be justified (not rag right)
  • The first paragraph of the paper is not indented, and the first
    letter is contained in a frame that is size 28 and spans two
    lines. The remainder of the first word is in all caps.
  • The "Text" style should be used to indent paragraph text.
  • In the word template, all of the tables and figures are contained
    in text boxes. All text boxes used for figures and tables should
    have the same margin/border properties.

Microsoft Word Users

Download the MS Word template here.

Instructions on preparing an acceptable PDF file from a MS Word document are available here.

LaTeX Users

Download the LaTeX style file here.

Download a sample paper in LaTeX format here.

Download the BiBTeX style file package with instructions here.

Instructions on preparing an acceptable PDF file from your LaTeX document are available here.

PDF template can be downloaded here.

Compliance Checking and Paper Submission

Papers can be tested for formatting compliance prior to submission through this webpage. Troubleshooting assistance is available here.

Final paper submission is through the conference website, which is available here.

Copyright Transfer

The copyright transfer process is handled electronically through the paper submission website. Copyright transfer must be completed before the final version of the paper is submitted. The system will ask a series of questions and will automatically prepare the copyright form. Electronic signatures, implicitly validated through the author's login PIN, are sufficient and are the only copyright transfer mechanism that will be accepted. In particular, there is no need to submit a hardcopy copyright transfer form.

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