Arthroscopy The use of an optical device or scope to examine
the interior of a joint
Auto-Iris A feedback mechanism between the camera processor and light source to allow the light source to automatically adjust to changing light conditions
Auto-Shutter Automatically changes the shutter speed of the camera to accommodate changing light conditions
Camera Head A small hand-held device that includes the camera's CCD(s), the camera cord and the end plug
CCD The silicone microchip that converts information about brightness and colors of the operative field into an electronic signal that is transmitted via camera cord to the CCU
Chroma The color portion of the video signal
Color Balancing The process of adjusting a color bar test pattern on a video monitor to match a printed card of the correct color bars that comes with the video system
Contrast The part of the luminance signal that provides depth perception
Endoscope An illuminated instrument to visualize the interior of the body

Ethylene Oxide


A colorless, toxic gas that is used as a sterilizing

The cleaning agent for the endoscope lens

Gain Also known as light boost. A feature of the camera processor that permits the camera operator to increase brightness of the range, but adversely affects color quality and resolution
Glutaraldehyde A liquid high level chemical disinfectant that is effective against vegetative Gram-positive, Gram-negative, and acid-fast bacteria, some bacterial spores, some fungi, and viruses

A device used in laparoscopic surgery to inflate the abdomen in a controlled manner with carbon dioxide to provide room for surgical manipulation of an endoscope



Laparoscopy Visual examination of the abdominal cavity by means of an endoscope
Luminance (Y) The black and white portion of the video signal; Controls brighness and contrast


White Balance

A sharply pointed surgical instrument contained in a cannula

Correctly mixes red, green, and blue video signals to create pure white, based on a pure white reference object, resulting in accurate color of the video image

Xenon A heavy, colorless, unreactive gaseous chemical element that is used in light bulbs to produce an intense white light